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The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer Characters Reveal and the First Two Chapters

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Allo, my lovelies. Happy Holiday!

Yay! It's nearly the end of the year 2020. I must say I'm glad to be rid of the year Geng Zi (Metal Rat). Starting Feb 3rd, we'll be officially in the year of Xin Chou (Metal Ox). For me as a Yi Wood (pretty little flowers) will mean encountering both a 7 Killing (7K) and an Indirect Wealth (IW) year. In layman's terms, it means taking risks and lots of hard work. Note that Wealth in BaZi does not mean easy money, it means hard work in return for an increase in income. LOL! With the 7K, I would also expect to have a few petty people coming into my life as well, along with an increase in influence. But who knows what will happen? Although I will be working super hard next year to release more books.

Speaking of books, I'm currently working hard on The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer, a New Adult BL Fantasy (Yaoi, MM Romance). The wonderful Silvertang from Nekotama has drawn me the two main and two side characters for the book, which will be an epic length, by the way. Silvertang is currently working on the cover illustration in her Chinese painting art style, so I'm very excited and cannot wait for the finished product. I will make a video of me putting the finishing touch to the cover soon, so stay tuned.

The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer Characters



Infamous mage Alastair Reinhardt is enjoying his peaceful, reclusive life with his adorable student Sora, teaching the boy the art of magic. When Sora turns eighteen, Alastair introduces Sora to the outside world by taking the boy on an excursion. Little does Alastair know, however, that a band of demonic spirits has taken up residence in the town they’re visiting, and they are going around kidnapping and murdering boys ripe for the plucking by sucking their innocent qi.

With the insistent begging of the town’s mayor, Alastair and Sora agree to hunt down and slay the boss of the demonic spirit before the death count rises, or Sora—a perfect candidate for the hungry spirits—is kidnapped and his beautiful body taken over and deflowered.

Like hell Alastair would allow that. Sora is his beloved—a reincarnate of his inamorato Minato Ando, the Dark Necromancer—and no one but the Supreme Crimson Mage Alastair Reinhardt has the honor of popping the boy’s cherry.

The Crimson Mage & The Dark Necromancer is a New Adult BL fantasy (Boys Love, Yaoi, MM). The fantasy aspect is a mashup of the East and West. Expect adventure, magic, mayhem, and steamy romance between a beautiful, unworldly uke and a powerful, hunky red-headed seme.

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Chapter 1


The first time I met Alastair, I was dying. Even at the age of eight, I had known life was never fair, that fate had already decided everything for you—whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or worked your ass off just to survive or somewhere in between.

I was the one to work my ass off, since my parents were beyond poor, scraping by just to put food on the table. Then they had died, having gotten caught in the conflict of war that raged across the kingdoms.

It had felt surreal at first, seeing them being slaughtered—along with hundreds and thousands of others—right before my eyes. Then the shock kicked in, leading to paralysis, followed by numbness.

I had been six when they passed, and by the time I had turned eight, I lost any hope of living. In my mind, there was nothing left for me. To survive meant scurrying around the back streets like rats and competing with hundreds and thousands of other displaced orphans for some scrap garbage thrown away by the well-to-do to feed myself. It was hard work, and it was tiring. Often, the small ones like me would get beaten up by the bigger kids who ganged up together. It was a dog-eat-dog world. Sometimes, living was just too hard. Sometimes, letting go was easier, like right now.

My body had already given up a while back—so frail I was—but my mind refused to follow suit in that path. Now, however, I just didn’t know how to keep going. Not anymore when I could no longer walk.

That beating had been brutal, and I knew I was never going to recover. Both my legs were damaged, bleeding, bruised, and the bones broken—dismantled in so many ways they were revolting to look at.

Ah, this is it, I thought. Soon, I’d be joining my parents in the netherworld. Soon, I’d be at peace and I wouldn’t have to suffer this terrible life anymore.

Tears welled in my eyes, and I chuckled and cried at the same time—both in sadness and relief.

It’s okay, I told myself. It’s only painful when living. Dying will be easy. There’s no pain once you’re no longer breathing. No longer thinking. No longer feeling.

Speaking of feeling, I felt something warm, like a hand, on the top of my head.

Someone is touching me? Someone noticed me? In this back alley where only street rats like me roamed?

I opened my eyes, and through tears, I saw a most beautiful being ever, the likes of which I had never seen before. Long crimson hair, emerald-green eyes, and a gorgeous face, and I couldn’t stop staring.

An angel.

Ah, I am dying. I’m seeing an angel. He must be here to tell me that everything is alright now. He must be here to take me to see Mother and Father in the netherworld.

“You’re a strong little one, aren’t you?” came the deep, gentle voice.

I hiccupped and then said, softly and weakly, “You’re so beautiful.”

He looked taken aback for a moment, and then a smile spread across his face. I felt at ease seeing that warm smile. I felt like I was being saved.

“Want to become my student?” he asked.

Student? What’s a student?

It must be a name for dying people, and he was here to take them and their souls to the netherworld.

If being a student and taken to the netherworld by him meant I get to be with him, then why not? At least it meant I had someone with me and I wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. It’d be like being with Mother and Father again, having someone to love and care for me. It certainly beat living this sorry life of mine.

I asked, just to be sure, “Does that mean I get to be with you forever?”

He smiled again, his eyes twinkling. “Of course.”

I raised my weak, shaky hand to him and asked, “Pinky swear?”

He burst out laughing as if he was amused.

Even his laughter was beautiful. Everything about this man was beautiful.

He leaned closer and said, as he hooked his little finger with mine, “Pinky swear. We’ll be together forever.”

I felt so elated that I started crying again, with tears and snot running down my face.

“Let’s take you home and take care of your legs. My, but they look terrible, don’t they?” he said, picking me up in his arms as if I weighed nothing. “And feeding you, too. It looks like you’ve been starved most of your life, little one.”

Being in his arms felt, strangely enough, very comforting. It felt like when Father was picking the sleepy me up and putting me to bed.

I held on to him tightly, afraid that his presence was merely a figment of my imagination and that he’d disappear soon if I wasn’t careful. I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to lose this man who suddenly appeared in my life like I had lost my parents.

I snuggled my face against his chest, dirtying his silky crimson haori coat and white kimono with my tears and snot and dirt. I was surprised he didn’t seem to mind.

“What’s your name?”

I raised my gaze to look at him and said, hiccupping, “Sora.”

“Ah, Sora. The sky.” He looked up and gazed at the blue horizon. “Vast, beautiful, and free. An endless possibility.” Turning back to me, he said, “I’m Alastair. Alastair Reinhardt.”

“Alastair,” I said, loving the way the name rolled off my tongue. “Alastair Reinhardt.”

“Sora, let’s take care of each other, okay?” he said, a bright smile on his lips.

I nodded. “Hmmm. Please take care of me, Alastair.”

“Leave it to me, little one,” he said, his eyes twinkling.

* * *

10 Years Later

“Please take care of me, Alastair,” I said softly as I opened my eyes, my head in a soft haze, sleepiness still prominent. In front of me, I saw a wide chest adorned in a pale yukata, with the neckline plunging deep in a V-shape that showed off ripped muscles beneath.

“Leave it to me, little one.”

My sleepiness flew out the unopened window immediately at hearing that amused, deep voice, and I became alert as my heart raced. Body tensed, I scurried back. Experienced from years of martial arts and magic training, my reflex took over. My fist flew toward that gorgeous face that always made my heart skip. Suddenly, my fist slammed into something hard, and I freaked out.

Shit! Did I hit Alastair?

I looked closely and realized that my fist had slammed into a magic circle right in front of Alastair’s face. The man had always had magical barriers surrounding him, and they’d activate when sensing danger.

With a bemused expression on his face, Alastair gracefully waved away the magic circle with a brush of his hand and then leaned forward. I watched him as he planted a gentle kiss on my knuckles, which made me blush hot, and I widened my eyes.

Why the heck did he do that?

When he moved back, he said, “Good morning, Sora. I can’t believe you’re going to punch your sensei’s face so early in the morning.”

My cheeks got even hotter and I stammered, “It’s my body reflex, and why the heck are you in my bed again? I told you like a thousand times to not come into my room and get into my bed.”

He chuckled. “But it got so cold last night.”

I glared at him. “It’s summer, and this cottage is magically insulated, by you, remember?”

The temperature was always comfortably warm in here, no matter the season, and I had no clue why he’d be cold at night.

Alastair shook his head. “I wasn’t talking about that sort of cold, little one.”

There he goes, talking nonsense again. The sort I didn’t understand.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “I’m not little anymore, Alastair-sensei. I’m already eighteen, you know. I heard from the fairies that as a human, eighteen means you’re an adult.”

He chuckled as he reached out and ruffled my bed hair. “Yes, eighteen means you’re an adult, but you’re still little Sora to me.”

I pouted and brushed his hand away, a little annoyed.

It wasn’t like I wanted him to treat me any different than he usually did, doting on me and stuff, but since I had turned sixteen, something had changed within me. Fairy’s tooth, I had no clue what that change was, but I felt like I wanted something more from Alastair. Something deep and meaningful. Something the current me couldn’t understand.

But honestly, how could I understand when I had been living in this woods high up in the mountains most of my life with not a human soul around? Well, except for Alastair. But could one really call Alastair a human? When the man who never seemed to age was considered almost immortal. His life force and magical ability was so powerful that even Kei, the alpha wolf who previously had been the king of this mountain, had relinquished his almighty role after his abysmal defeat during a challenge with Alastair.

Of course, there were the wolves, foxes, fairies, and supernatural creatures residing in the woods, too, but they weren’t humans, and their understanding of them was the mere basics. Nothing deep. Not the likes that’d help me with my problems.

On the other hand, I could always ask Alastair, since the man had taught me many things such as martial arts, magic, and reading and writing but...

Like hell I was going to ask the person who was the cause of my troubles. As I got off the bed, I muttered under my breath, “Little Sora, my ass.”

“Did you say something?” Alastair asked.

“Nothing,” I said, caressing the back of my hand. The spot he had kissed still felt hot, and I knew it was going to stay that way for a while.

I had no idea how or when but for a while now I had become hyperaware of Alastair’s presence, and more so, his touches, and it did strange things to my heart, which both confused and annoyed me at the same time.

I opened the door of the wardrobe and retrieved my clothing for the day—a dark-colored kimono and a pair of hakama pants. Turning around, I said, “Chore day today. Bring me all your laundry, please.”

Lounging there on his side comfortably on my bed and with his head resting on his hand, his twinkling emerald-green eyes on me, he said, “Chore day again, huh? Like I said, I can always use magic to clean all our clothes. Why do you insist on doing laundry manually?”

I felt my cheeks burning hot. Like I was going to tell him my secret. Like I was going to let him deny me that little pleasure of doing his laundry.

I said, “I don’t want to always depend on magic. Now, please leave so I can get changed.”

A mischievous grin flashing across his face, he said, “You can change in front of me. I’d love to see Sora’s grown, adult body. After all, I’ve put in a lot of hard work at raising you from that small child on the verge of death.”

Like hell I was going to let him watch me getting changed. Just having him looking like that was hard enough for me to think straight. I had no idea what that was—him lolling there as if he hadn’t a care in the world and his damn yukata sat haphazardly about him, the neckline threatening to fall off his broad shoulder—but heck, I felt like my head was a mess and my heart kept on beating like mad. Even when I trained vigorously all day, using magic and fighting with golem soldiers, my heart never beat this fast.

I marched to him and pulled him by the arm. “Get up!”

He laughed merrily as he reluctantly got out of my bed. Standing there in front of me, he was tall, lean, and muscular, and my head barely reached up to his broad shoulders.

Ugh! I was short compared to him, and it always riled me up.

He patted my head. “Let’s celebrate your eighteenth birthday tonight, why don’t we? We’ll invite the wolves, foxes, and fairies and have a grand party.”

“Is that something people normally do?” I asked curiously. “Celebrating an eighteenth birthday?”

He nodded. “It means you’re an adult now.”

That made sense.

I brightened up. Excited now, I said, “Then I’ll get the chores done quickly. Oh, and I think fish would be good for the celebration, right?”

“Hmm. Fish and meat,” Alastair said. “Then you take care of the fish and I’ll take care of the meat.”

“Okay,” I said.

“I’ll go down and see if Sho has prepared us our breakfast,” he said and then walked out the door.

Alone, I quickly got changed and then headed into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. After tying my long hair into a ponytail with a ribbon, I went down the stairs and into the open-plan kitchen-dining room.

Sho, a golem Alastair made from earth whose primary role was to take care of our necessity—basically our housekeeper—was busy cooking the morning meal. It smelled wonderful, the freshly baked buns and the soup.

“Good morning, Master Sora,” came the deep, gentle voice that belonged to Sho.

He sounded a little like Alastair, since his source was from Alastair’s magic. His physical appearance, too, was similar to Alastair—tall and lean with short dark-red hair, hazel-green eyes, and angular features. In that white kimono and black hakama pants—his uniform he called it—he was very handsome.

“Morning, Sho,” I said, taking a seat on one of the chairs that surrounded the dining table. “Smells good.” I looked around the room and asked, “Alastair and Taka?”

“Lord Alastair is upstairs and Taka has already had his breakfast. He’s out tending to the animals,” Sho said, placing a bowl of soup in front of me, along with two buns and a cup of steaming hot tea.

I clasped my hands together and said, “Thank you for the food.”

Sho took a seat opposite me and watched me eat, a smile on his lips. He always did that, and I wondered if he was proud of his cooking, seeing me enjoying his food?

“Lord Alastair told me we’re celebrating your eighteenth birthday this evening,” Sho said. “Then I will prepare us a feast.”

I chuckled. “Sounds good.” I looked at him for a moment, and just because I was desperate, I asked, “Sho, do you know what being an adult means as a human?”

The golem shook his head. “Unfortunately, I do not, Master Sora. I will, of course, learn such a fascinating subject through you as you grow.”

I tilted my head to one side. “But what about Alastair? You’ve been with him since before I was taken in, so surely...”

Sho shook his head. “I was not conjured until twelve years ago during the war, Master Sora. So I have not been able to study much of human behavior at my leisure. During the war, my functionality was to simply serve Lord Alastair as his soldier. It was not until Lord Alastair found you after the war that the child-rearing, housekeeping, hunting and gathering, and many other minor functionalities were added.”

So Sho had only been conjured two years before Alastair took me in. But of course, two years living amongst human meant nothing really, especially during the war when humanity was at its worst.

I chuckled. “Then you’re not of much help, are you?”

Sho shook his head. “My apologies, Master Sora. But you can always ask Lord Alastair. He has lived many years, and I am sure he has much experience and knows what being an adult entails.”

I shook my head furiously. “No, no, I can’t ask him. I won’t ask him.”

“Who won’t you ask, Sora?” Alastair’s voice came our way.

My cheeks hot, I turned to see Alastair at the door. Adorned in his flowing kimono and with his long crimson hair down his back, he looked gorgeous.

I felt my heart skip a beat. I swiftly shifted my gaze away from him and concentrated on my food, eating as fast as I could so I could leave.

The man took a seat beside me and said, “My, but aren’t you in a hurry.”

“Got laundry to do and fish to catch,” I said.

Sho got up from his seat and went to prepare Alastair’s breakfast. When he returned with a bowl of soup and two buns for Alastair, along with a cup of hot coffee, I was done and hastily headed out the door before Alastair could stop me.

Chapter 2


Alastair shook his head, an amused smile across his lips as he watched his adorable student dashing out the door as if his life depended on it.

Ah, but the boy had grown and changed so much. The current Sora was a far cry from that little boy on the verge of death with legs broken beyond repair ten years ago. Alastair couldn’t believe and still marveled at the fact that he had managed to saved Sora’s life with his healing magic. Even fixed those legs up right as rain again, though it had taken a few years until the boy could use them properly. And once he could, he had started running and jumping around like a monkey.

“He’s so lively early in the morning,” he said, chuckling.

“I heard a ruckus earlier,” Sho said, taking a seat opposite Alastair. “Were you in Master Sora’s bed again?”

Alastair smiled. “I was.”

“Could you not leave before Master Sora wakes up? I do not understand it as I am not human, but I am sure Master Sora does not like it. After all, he tells you not to go into his room and get into his bed almost every morning when he wakes up.”

Alastair chuckled. “Even though he’s the one who calls out to me in the middle of the night?”

“Human behavior, of which I do not understand,” Sho said. “Master Sora does say one thing but act in a different manner.”

“Yes, humans are complicated creatures,” Alastair said.

“But I believe he is calling out to you because he is afraid of his nightmare. You said he has them most nights.”

Alastair nodded. “And then he forgets about them the moment he wakes up. A defense mechanism, no doubt.”

“Golems do not have nightmares nor dreams,” Sho said. “I do not know if it is a fortunate or an unfortunate thing.”

Alastair picked up his cup of coffee as he said, “Dreams are beautiful things, Sho, while nightmares are not. Nightmares are people’s pasts. Resentment, fear, regret, grief, loneliness, lost, greed, darkness living within.”

“Poor Master Sora. His dead parents, I suppose,” Sho said. “To lose one’s parents so young is an unfortunate thing.”

Alastair nodded as he took a sip of the coffee.

Blunt and curious as always where human beings were concerned, Sho asked, “Taka mentioned the other day Master Sora’s pee-pee goes hard. As golems, Taka and I do not have pee-pees, but does a human’s pee-pee go hard after a certain age?”

Sho’s question nearly made Alastair spurt the coffee out from his mouth. He managed to swallow it somehow and said, “Sora got a hard-on?”

“A hard-on? Is that what it is?” Sho nodded, his face serious as he took in the information. “Hmm. The name makes sense.” Looking at Alastair, he continued. “Yes, that is what Taka said. The boy told me he saw Master Sora’s pee-pee going hard on a few occasions when they took baths.”

Alastair shook his head as he chuckled. He couldn’t believe he had overlooked that part of raising Sora. The boy had never asked him anything about wet dreams, let alone that his penis was getting hard, which was part of the puberty phase, so Alastair himself had never thought to bring it up. He guessed living a reclusive life up in the mountain made him rusty in certain areas, and the sexual arena was one of them.

Of course, it wasn’t like he was a monk and had never needed to relieve himself of the sexual urges or anything. When the inclination did come, he’d meditate to relieve it, which was easy enough. As for Sora...

Well, the boy was eighteen now, at the height of puberty, and that meant Alastair would have to introduce the boy to the adult world soon. Sexual urges would never go away until pretty much old age. It was the way of nature, as every living creature needed to procreate.

Introducing Sora to sex would also mean introducing the boy to women, and the moment that thought came, Alastair felt more than a little reluctant. Be damned, but he didn’t want to share Sora with anyone. The thought of Sora being touched intimately by others made him feel sick to his stomach. He was that possessive over the boy.

Then again, Alastair was a reasonable man, and he wasn’t going to be selfish and keep Sora here when the boy needed to grow and understand the world at large. When he had brought the boy with him ten years ago, he did promise himself that once the boy had turned eighteen, he’d let the boy choose what he wanted to do with his life. And now, that time had come.

A depressing sight escaped his mouth, which drew Sho’s attention to him.

“Lord Alastair?” Sho asked. “Is something the matter?”

Alastair propped his elbow on the tabletop and then rested his chin on his hand. He said, “I suppose it’s about time I introduce Sora to the outside world.”

Sho chuckled. “You say that though you do not look enthusiastic about it. And speaking of the outside world, it is about time we head into town and get supplies again.”

“That time of the year again, huh?” Alastair asked.

Sho said, “Four times a year, at the end of every season. We are nearly at the end of summer, and autumn is just around the corner, so we will need supplies.”

Alastair nodded. “All right. Then we’ll head out tomorrow.” He grinned cheekily. “This time, we’ll bring Sora and Taka along.”

“Oh? A crash course about the outside world before letting the little duckling go?”

Alastair snorted. “When did I ever say I’m going to let the little duckling go?”

Like hell he’d ever let Sora leave his side. They had promised each other they’d be together forever, hadn’t they? Alastair would never break his promises, especially to someone he cared about and loved to depth of his soul.

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